Mobile Infant Room

Warm and responsive care is provided for the children in the Infant Room. Schedules are adjusted according to the child’s individual sleeping and eating patterns. A variety of toys and books are provided for indoor activity. Additionally, your infant will be exposed to various opportunities to develop both fine and gross motor skills. Some activities include tummy time, developmentally appropriate floor exercises, stacking blocks and other items, and learning how to play with different sized balls. Your infant will be exposed to emergent language development and literacy skills through read-alouds, singing, finger plays and chants, and engagement in conversation. The children enjoy outdoor walks in the 6-baby wagons and are introduced to nature and other outdoor surroundings. As the children become more mobile, they can enjoy the Infant/Toddler playground. The Enrichment Classes, Spanish and Music, are provided twice a week in the Infant room.

Our Infant lead teacher is Rose Saldivar and the assistant teacher is Juanita Castro de Garcia.

Teaching Staff

  • Rose Saldivar

    Rose S

    Rose Saldivar

    Lead Teacher

    My name is Rose Saldivar. I have a Level 1 Certificate from San Antonio College and also a CDA , (Child Development Associate), for Infants and Toddlers.  I have worked with preschoolers for over twenty years and with infants for almost 10 years.

     I enjoy working with the babies here at Laurel Heights. Each day the infants grow and reach more milestones. In such a short time, each child gains more independence and is willing to take more risks in the classroom. It is a gift to work at Laurel Heights with our kind and supportive colleagues and families.

     I am from San Antonio and have two children.   My favorite pastimes are shopping and listening to Jazz music.

Assistant Teaching Staff

  • Juanita Castro de Garcia

    Juanita Castro de Garcia

    Juanita Castro de Garcia

    Assistant Teacher

    Hello, my name is Juanita Castro de Garcia.  I was born and raised in Durango, Mexico. I came to the states to study a Bachelor degree in Theological Ministries and along my journey I have worked with children in church setting, Buckner Children's Home, and currently in Laurel Heights Day school. I have obtained many divers trainings on child care.

    My goal is to serve and help my little ones enjoy life in all its fullness. My efforts include keeping them safe and protected while showing them the love and compassion  they deserve as God's children. 

    My passion is to worship to the Lord and giving him thanks for His Mercy in my life. My husband and I aside from working with children, serve as Spanish speaking Pastors a San Antonio church.