Mobile Infant Room

Warm and responsive care is provided for the children in the Infant Room. Schedules are adjusted according to the child’s individual sleeping and eating patterns. A variety of toys and books are provided for indoor activity. Additionally, your infant will be exposed to various opportunities to develop both fine and gross motor skills. Some activities include tummy time, developmentally appropriate floor exercises, stacking blocks and other items, and learning how to play with different sized balls. Your infant will be exposed to emergent language development and literacy skills through read-alouds, singing, finger plays and chants, and engagement in conversation. The children enjoy outdoor walks in the 6-baby wagons and are introduced to nature and other outdoor surroundings. As the children become more mobile, they can enjoy the Infant/Toddler playground. The Enrichment Classes, Spanish and Music, are provided twice a week in the Infant room.

The Infant Lead Teacher is Ms. Rose with an assigned Teacher's Assistant.

Teaching Staff

  • Rose Saldivar

    Rose Saldivar

    Rose Saldivar

    Lead Teacher

    Rose Saldivar has a CDA Certificate and has also attended Early Childhood Education courses at San Antonio Community College. Her love for children and experience in Early Childhood Education spans over two decades.

    Ms. Rose is currently the lead teacher in the Mobile Infants classroom. She enjoys working with young children and says, “Laurel Heights is her second family.” She relishes her time working with Infants and being part of each child’s development as well as working with their families to reach individual goals. She believes that a strong foundation reflects the outcome of a child’s abilities and accomplishments.

    In her spare time, Rose cherishes being with her children. She also enjoys going shopping, going out to dinner with her family as well as arts and craft activities.