Group 1 Class

Our Preschool provides whole group activities, small group activities, and individual activities for the children. Various art media are presented daily and are used by the children to create their own product. The classroom is divided into learning areas which include the art center, science or discovery center, block center, manipulative or fine motor center, library corner, quiet corner, sensory table, dramatic play, writing center, listening center, and the music center. Children are encouraged to participate in self-selected activities in these centers, which are pursued either on their own or with teacher guidance and assistance. Each class plays in one of our 3 playgrounds every morning and afternoon for at least 1/2 hour each time. Nature walks and outdoor learning activities are integrated into the curriculum and current themes. Group 1 and Group 2, also known as the Two Year-Old Classes, have Spanish and Music bi-weekly.

Children in Group 1 and Group 2 are provided with many opportunities to practice their self-help skills, fine and gross motor skills, and socialization skills. Receptive and expressive language is encouraged to develop further in circle time and every-day interactions between the students themselves, and between the student and the teacher. Materials and time are provided for children to explore and learn about the environment, to exercise their natural curiosity, and to experiment with cause and effect relationships, thus promoting cognitive development. Creativity is fostered through all of the classroom centers and language and literacy skills are an embedded part of the curriculum.

The Group 1 Lead Teacher is Mrs. Renee with an assigned Teacher's Assistant.

Teaching Staff

  • Renee Styles

    Renee Styles

    Renee Styles

    Lead Teacher

    Renee Style has an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Development and also attended UTSA’s-Texas School Ready Program. She is a member of the HighScope Educational Research Foundation and has worked with Infants through Pre-K for over two decades.

    Mrs. Renee states, “that her career at Laurel Heights Weekday School has been a true blessing and that she loves working with children.” As an educator, she strives to uphold the values and ethics of her profession as well as carrying out a strong work ethic. She believes children thrive with routines and consistency and prides herself on providing that daily for students, families, and the LHWS community. She believes that children learn best through play and promises to provide a safe environment for her students to “get their hands dirty, smell, and taste things that they never have and hope that they walk away with a sense of wonder.” She relishes in creating moments for her students to smile, giggle, and an overall sense of joy! She always promises to “let my students be who they were created to be” and believes that learning does not have to be a chore but rather a grand adventure of discovery.

    In her spare time, Mrs. Renee enjoys spending time with her family, listening to live music, and being at the beach. She also loves to do DIY activities and gardening.