Enrichment Classes

Laurel Heights Weekday School offers numerous opportunities for enrichment for your child each week. Four enrichment classes are integrated into the curriculum and will become part of your child’s education. Toddlers through pre-kindergarteners will receive all four enrichment classes including, Chapel, Motor Skills, Spanish, and Music. Infants will receive Music and Spanish classes.

Chapel is a time available for children in Groups 3-5. Weekly chapel celebrations are held in the Godly Play Chapel in the sanctuary. Each week the children are exposed to the repetitive format of songs and liturgy. This is a special time where children learn to be reflective and find comfort in time set apart to be with God. Chapel is a time where each child is able to celebrate his or her own uniqueness as a purposeful creation of God and to know God’s love.

Please take the time to look below and learn more about our Enrichment Class teachers.

Enrichment Classes

  • Virginia McMunn

    Virginia McMunn

    Virginia McMunn

    Lead Teacher for Music
    Email: vmcmunn@lhwds.com

    I am Virginia McMunn and I am from San Antonio. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southwestern University. I have been at Laurel Heights for more than 5 years and I also a member of TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association).

    I am the music teacher for all 9 classes, so I teach the infants through 5 year olds. Since I have the opportunity to work with all the children at Laurel Heights, I feel blessed and lucky to have such variety. I love presenting the same topics in ways that are developmentally appropriate for each age group.

    I am married and have 2 redheaded boys. I work part-time with my husband’s company, (M & M Marble), as an Accounting Clerk and I also serve as a cantor at my church. I enjoy reading, history, traveling, and oh yes … SUDOKU too!

  • Juanita Castro de Garcia

    Juanita Castro de Garcia

    Juanita Castro de Garcia

    Lead Teacher for Spanish Teacher

    Hello, my name is Juanita Castro de Garcia.  I was born and raised in Durango, Mexico. I came to the states to study a Bachelor degree in Theological Ministries and along my journey I have worked with children in church setting, Buckner Children's Home, and currently in Laurel Heights Day school. I have obtained many divers trainings on child care.

    My goal is to serve and help my little ones enjoy life in all its fullness. My efforts include keeping them safe and protected while showing them the love and compassion  they deserve as God's children. 

    My passion is to worship to the Lord and giving him thanks for His Mercy in my life. My husband and I aside from working with children, serve as Spanish speaking Pastors a San Antonio church.

  • Amber Centeno

    Amber Centeno

    Amber Centeno

    Motor Skills / Spanish

    My name is Amber Centeno. I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Previously I have been a behavior support teacher in Alamo Heights Independent School District.  Most recently, I have worked with infants, three year-olds, as well as our four and five year olds here at Laurel Heights.  

    I fall in love with each age group of children I work with. It has been a blessing to take care of and teach so many young children here at Laurel Heights. It has been a fun-filled adventure with each new class I encounter and teach. The days go by so quickly as they are filled with fun and laughter of children.

    I am a San Antonio native.  I have eight brothers and sisters! In my spare time I love spending time with my family and friends.  My favorite part of the staff here at Laurel Heights is how they love our children!

  • Jim Carr

    Chapel Jim Carr

    Jim Carr

    LHUMC Assistant Pastor (Chapel)