Vacation Bible School

A class walking down to the festivities of the Fourth of July.

An Enrichment Program offered through LHWS is Vacation Bible School (VBS). If your child is 4 years-old or older, he or she can attend Vacation Bible School after the VBS permission slip has been filled out. VBS is an optional program and a great extension of the Weekday School.

Vacation Bible school is an opportunity for children to explore the stories of God in new and exciting ways. It is a chance for children to sing and dance, to play games, to create, to discover, to serve, and to be in the Bible story. A staff of over 50 youth and adults lead children through 5 days and 5 Bible stories. Each day, children rotate in small groups to recreation, crafts, science, missions, and Bible drama.

Vacation Bible school takes place each year the first full week after the 4th of July and is from 8:30 am to noon.