Safety and Security

Two little girls posing and smiling for the photo.

Safety and Security

  • Health & Safety

    Our primary goal at Laurel Heights UMC Weekday School is to foster positive growth in each of the developmental domains, while we keep your child and school staff safe, secure, and free from injury.

    We follow the guidelines and standards set forth by Texas Department of Family & Protective Services (TDFPS), The National Association of Young Children (NAEYC), and the Metropolitan Health District.

  • Building Access and Security

    Parents and visitors are welcome to visit Laurel Heights Weekday School at any time during school hours. Each family is issued a keyless entry device and has keyless access to enter during the school day at either the Belknap or Woodlawn entrance. The Woodlawn entrance is either locked and/or monitored by the church receptionist at all times. The Belknap entrance is either locked and/or monitored by a Weekday School employee during school hours. All other entrances are locked and may only be used by teaching staff when a teacher is taking a class for outdoor walks, learning, or play. Parents and staff are not allowed to use any gate entrance to enter or exit the school at anytime. All visitors must enter the school using one of the previously mentioned keyless entrances and be seen by the office staff. Under the Texas Penal Code, any area within 100 feet of LHWS is considered a gang-free zone.

  • Release of a Child

    A Parent Authorization form signed by the parent is kept in the office for each child. This form lists the people permitted to pick your child up from school. If anyone other than the designated person will be picking up your child, you must notify the school in advance in writing. Tell this individual to expect us to ask for his or her identification with a picture on it verifying his or her identity.

    Please notify the school either through a note or phone call with the number where you can be reached if you will not be at any of the numbers kept in your child’s file. Please understand we will not release your child to a friend or family member if that person has not been added to Parent Authorization form ahead of time. This is for the safety of all children who attend LHWS.

  • Safety Drills & Plans

    Fire drills occur once a month and tornado/inclement weather drills occur 4 times yearly. In the case of an emergency, such as a chemical spill in the area, we will re-locate to the city-designated location. Please listen to the radio and TV to determine where we will be. If the reason to relocate is not a city emergency, we will re-locate to Christ Episcopal Church or Alamo Heights United Methodist Church.