Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)

A little hispanic girl painting.

The curriculum and teaching strategies at Laurel Heights Weekday School are both age and individually appropriate. This allows each child to progress at his or her own rate, based on the child’s interest, previous experiences, and abilities, within reasonable limits. We are proud that our class sizes are kept well below maximum state limits. This enables our teachers to create achievable learning goals for each child, while promoting optimal learning and development for all children.

The daily schedule of each class reflects a well-ordered balance of individual, small group, and whole group activities, conducted both indoors and out. Field trips and "in-house" field trips are incorporated into many of the classes for additional learning experiences. Enrichment classes are integrated each week and include study in Chapel, Spanish, Music and Motor Skills/Development.

At Laurel Heights Weekday School, we believe it is imperative to consider all stages of development and all developmental domains including cognitive, emotional, language, physical, self-help, social, and spiritual development. Through observations of each child’s play and social interactions with others, teachers gain insight to each child’s overall developmental progress, abilities, interests, and learning style. Additionally, Laurel Heights Weekday School recognizes the importance of the family role in the development and educational success of all children. We are committed to learning about each family and want to incorporate important family background information such as cultural diversity, customs and traditions, and values that are unique to each family. We welcome you and your family to be a part of our school in various ways from volunteering to read in the classroom to participating in family and school events.